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pgp_no_utf-8 is a workaround for a problem regarding special characters in inline PGP messages as reported in bug report #1430. This patch is against Mutt 1.5.16.

Download: patch-1.5.16.hw.pgp_no_utf-8.1


This is simply an update of Stefan 'Sec' Zehl's reverse_reply patch against 1.3.25, which extends reverse_alias to also fix the realnames in outgoing mail. The updated patch applies to the 1.5.16 source.

Download: patch-1.5.16.sec.reverse_reply.1


pattern_unreferenced adds the pattern ~$ for unreferenced messages (or "thread leafs") to Mutt 1.5.6. For example, this may be useful for support lists, as you could do stuff like:

color index red default "~$ ! ~f"

Download: patch-1.5.6.hw.pattern_unreferenced.1


This version of pattern_unreferenced requires threaded view, since it doesn't check for references itself. Moreover, you can't use it for scoring, because scoring happens prior to threading. This patch applies to the 1.5.6 source and will be included in Mutt 1.5.7.

Download: patch-1.5.6.hw.pattern_unreferenced.2


c99_vsnprintf fixes the return value of the replacement functions in snprintf.c and changes so that the replacements are used if the system's implementation of snprintf(3) and vsnprintf(3) doesn't return the correct length or if it doesn't truncate the output appropriately (which happened at least on 64-bit Solaris 7). This fixes (at least) an IMAP problem on (at least) IRIX® and older glibc platforms. This patch applies to the 1.5.12 source and will be included in Mutt 1.5.13.

Download: patch-1.5.12.hw.c99_vsnprintf.1

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