PPP Usage


pppusage summarizes average and total transfer volumes, number of connections and average and total online time for all logged PPP connections. The data is collected by reading the syslog files which contain the ppp[d] messages. A database file is used to store the relevant data, thus it doesn't get lost when your ppp[d] logfiles are rotated or deleted. Certain time ranges (that is: a year, month, or day) may be specified on the command line. pppusage should run on Linux systems with pppd(8) as well as on NetBSD, FreeBSD or OpenBSD with ppp(8) (also known as user-ppp). It's written in Perl, but no non-standard Perl modules are required.



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If you want to be informed about new pppusage releases automatically, you can subscribe to this project on the Freshmeat site. You will then receive an e-mail as soon as a new version of pppusage is released, including a short summary of the changes.


Feel free to drop me an e-mail if you encounter any problems with or have any comments on pppusage.

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